Android Now Has 75 Per Cent Market Share

by Dale Wright

Android Happy2 e1357315066858 Android Now Has 75 Per Cent Market Share

Android is still making big gains over other mobile platforms as it crushes the competition.

New figures from IDC suggest that Android held a massive 75 per cent of the market in the first quarter of 2013.

Apple’s iPad and iPhone operating system, iOS, limps into second place with 17.3 per cent of the market share. Windows Phone 8 comes in third with 3 per cent, and BlackBerry OS is fourth with 2.9 per cent.

More than 162 million Android devices were shipped worldwide in the first three months of this year. Last year, the figure was closer to 90 million.

Apple’s shipments grew from 35 million in Q1 2012 to 37.4 million in Q1 2013. Impressive, but it’s nowhere near enough to look convincing.

jellybean1 Android Now Has 75 Per Cent Market Share

Google says that Android is now installed on 900 million devices worldwide, and low-cost hardware has undoubtedly helped to bolster its dominance. However, many Android devices are running versions so old that they cannot run modern apps. Android may be growing, but its growth presents a challenge: how do you keep 900 million users’ smartphones and tablets up to date?

But in terms of pure numbers, Android is winning, and it’s widening its lead month by month. Apple will have to pull something really stunning out of the bag this year if it’s going to have any chance of turning its fortunes around. All eyes are on the Apple WWDC event in June, where we could get a glimpse of the iPad mini 2, the iPad 5 or the iPhone 5S or 6.

In terms of market share, for now, the ones to watch are Microsoft and BlackBerry. The IDC numbers only cover BlackBerry OS, which is now outdated and dropping out of circulation. Next quarter, the first BlackBerry 10 figures will be in, and it’ll be interesting to see whether Microsoft will be pushed back into fourth place.