Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One X: S4 ‘Easy to Repair’

by Dale Wright

htc one vs galaxy s4 Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One X: S4 ‘Easy to Repair’

HTC is experiencing delays manufacturing its new HTC One smartphone, and the company is thought to be in danger of missing out on the crucial sales battle when the Samsung Galaxy S4 hits the shops.

However, some tech journalists believe that the S4 has already won the battle.

In two TechnoBuffalo reports, smartphone repairers took both phones apart and conducted a detailed analysis on their components. They ranked each phone in terms of its durability and the ease of repair.

The TechnoBuffalo writers reported that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is easy to take apart and will be inexpensive to repair. The phone cracked open easily in their test, and the parts inside were accessible and simple to remove and replace. The only pricey component they found inside the phone was the super-tough Gorilla Glass screen. They also said that the compromise for easy access is a lack of sturdiness to the case.

In contrast, the writers found that the HTC One could be complicated to fix if it breaks. The phone has an aluminium unibody case – the same type of case as a Macbook Pro laptop – and is therefore very difficult to open up. The battery inside the phone isn’t replaceable either. However, they did concede that the phone was very durable because of its design.

Interestingly, another website has just pitted the Samsung Galaxy S4 against the Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia’s flagship Windows phone. Again, the Galaxy S4 didn’t win on the sturdiness stakes, but the PhoneArena reviewers said it was lighter and thinner and offered more in terms of quality apps.

In the US, Walmart is taking pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S4 from Tuesday onwards. The 16GB version of the new phone is currently being sold SIM-free on some UK websites for around £590, making it more expensive than the iPhone 5 and the HTC One with the same amount of storage.