Ouya and Gamestick Android Consoles Due in June

by Dale Wright

Ouya Console Ouya and Gamestick Android Consoles Due in June

The much-hyped Ouya games console is due for a worldwide release on June 4th, according to a blog posted on the company’s website. But it looks like it will have some competition from another new console, the Gamestick, which is due for release in the same month.

Ouya and Gamestick are both an Android consoles that were backed on the crowdfunding website, Kickstarter. They have plenty of features in common too.

The Ouya box is a compact unit that contains a 1.7 GHz Tegra 3 processor, 8 GB storage and 1 GB RAM. Users also get one wireless controller with the console, and it is capable of full 1080p HD output to a TV or monitor. It can connect to the internet via ethernet or wifi, and its internal storage can be expanded via a compatible USB storage device.

The Gamestick will be stocked exclusively at Game stores, has roughly similar specs and is slightly cheaper than Ouya. It also comes with a controller and will have several games pre-installed. Developers are looking at releasing the popular media centre app XMBC for the device – a big plus for many Android enthusiasts.

gamestick large 650x433 Ouya and Gamestick Android Consoles Due in June

Ouya gamers can look forward to playing more than 100 launch titles including Final Fantasy III. It will also support a range of apps, including emulators for some classic consoles like the Nintendo 64 and original NES. What’s more, all of the titles have some kind of free element, so you can play before you buy.

Both consoles will have their own app stores and no access to Google Play, so owners of Android smartphones won’t be able to download games they’ve already paid for on their phone, which is a shame. Nobody really knows whether either console will be a success, especially given the number of tablets we all now own, but it will be interesting to see these two new platforms go head-to-head over the summer.