iPhone 5S and iOS 7 ‘Due In Summer’

by Dale Wright

iPhone 5S iPhone 5S and iOS 7 ‘Due In Summer’

Technology websites are reporting that Apple is scheduling the production of the iPhone 5S already.

If the rumours are true, Apple may be in with a chance of competing with the Samsung Galaxy S4.

A report in the Wall Street Journal claims that the iPhone 5S is going to enter the manufacturing process between now and the end of June, meaning that the new smartphone could be formally launched before the end of the second quarter of 2013. That would tie in with the launch of iOS 7, Apple’s mobile operating system, which is said to be having something of a makeover this year.

In the article, the paper also claims that the iPhone 5S will look broadly similar to the iPhone 5, with the main changes being under the hood. That would fit in with past ’S’ releases from Apple, which generally consist of hidden hardware upgrades within the same shape and size device.

Early reports suggest that the 5S may include an upgrade A7 chipset, but there are no firm details yet.

All of this raises an interesting question: is Apple squaring up to Samsung? Samsung is going to release the Galaxy S4 at the end of this month, so the iPhone 5S would come hot on its heels – perhaps a little sooner than Samsung would like. In fact, the proximity to Samsung’s handset release could present one of the closest contests we’ve ever seen in the market. Both companies are eager to snatch market share from each other; both have something to prove.

Apple vs Samsung iPhone 5S and iOS 7 ‘Due In Summer’

Interestingly, the Wall Street Journal also mentions the budget iPhone that has been rumoured for some time, citing a four inch screen, a plastic casing and a range of colours. The phone – rumoured to cost less than $200 – is unlikely to be released in the UK, as it will primarily exist to entice less affluent smartphone users to the brand. It probably won’t have some of the features we’re used to seeing on newer iPhones, such as Apple’s trademark Retina display.