BBC iPlayer Radio Is Finally On Android

by Dale Wright

Android627 BBC iPlayer Radio Is Finally On Android
The BBC has just released the long-awaited BBC iPlayer Radio app for Android smartphones and tablets.

BBC iPlayer Radio has been available on iOS devices for some time, giving iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users the chance to easily stream content from BBC radio stations. Now Android users are able to get the app as well, although you’ll need to be running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or later in order to use it. The BBC has moved away from Flash, too, opting to use HTTP live streaming instead.

The BBC’s executive producer for mobile devices, James Simcock, says the Android version of iPlayer Radio is actually better than the version in the Apple app store. He may be biased though: he’s confessed he’s an Android user.

iPlayer627 BBC iPlayer Radio Is Finally On Android

Using iPlayer Radio on Android, users can set a radio alarm clock that will wake them with a pre-set radio show. On Android, this alarm clock works even when the app is closed – a very impressive function that simply can’t be added to the iOS version of the app because of the way Apple devices work.

Audio and video content can be streamed from within the app, and users can also share songs that are playing on the station they’re listening to. Users can access live radio, catch up with previously broadcast programmes, listen to podcasts and watch video clips.

There’s also a programme schedule, as you’d expect, and the interface is slightly different, doing away with the strange carousel function and adding a spinning controller in its place.

The BBC’s iPlayer Radio app may well be six months late coming to Android, but we think it was well worth the wait, providing your phone is new enough to be able to use it. As an internet radio, Android devices work very well, and the alarm clock is just another bonus.

You can download BBC iPlayer Radio now for free from the Google Play store, and it’ll also soon be added to the Amazon Appstore or the Kindle Fire HD.