Guide to Black Friday – The history & updates

by Dale Wright

Essentially, Black Friday kicks off the start of the Christmas shopping season. As morbid as it sounds, Black Friday has nothing to do with the grim spectre of death (though we’ll get onto that a bit later) – it in fact refers to the old practice of using pens with two different ink colours in accounting. A red pen typically signified money lost, our outgoings, whilst black meant financial gain – and as we’ve seen, these sales draw a great deal of business, naturally leading to profit, moving the companies into the black!

black friday crowd Guide to Black Friday   The history & updates

Black Friday falls on any day between November 23 and 29, dependent on the year and typically follows Thanksgiving. Whilst not officially recognised as a public holiday like Thanksgiving, many companies allow their staff to take a day off, except, of course the retailers!

Born out of the grandeur of parades by brands such as Macy’s, the increased people out on the high street to witness this parade would naturally lead to an increase in store footfall. Shops began slashing prices left, right-and-centre to entice people to spend more time in the stores, and Black Friday would eventually become one of the busiest days of shopping of the year.

Follow our step by step guide to staying safe and making the most out of this big shopping day:


There is a disconcerting trend towards retailers pipping others to the post by opening their doors even earlier than Friday itself, forcing shoppers to drop everything to bag themselves a bargain. In 2011, Walmart launched their sale at 10pm on Thanksgiving night, and this trend seems set to continue…

Store Opening Times (USA):
• Wal-Mart – 8pm on Thanksgiving Day
• Sears – 8pm on Thanksgiving Day
• Toys R Us – 8pm on Thanksgiving Day
• Target – 9pm on Thanksgiving Day
• Best Buy – 12 midnight on Black Friday
• Macy’s – 12 midnight on Black Friday
• Kohl’s – 12 midnight on Black Friday
• Staples – 5am on Black Friday
• Kmart – 6am on Black Friday
• PetSmart – 7am on Black Friday

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