Guide to black friday – Getting the best Online/Offline Deal

by Dale Wright

Offline Guide

Well first of all, you’re going to have to change your priorities and learn some basic survival skills for the inevitable rush into any store…

Firstly, dress sensibly – it’s going to be cold out there so layers are a must, and you should ensure that you are warm and snug (wahey!). Invest in a sturdy pair of shoes with good grip – if you are aiming to get in among the crowds, the last thing you want is to be slipping over, as this could leave you with a nasty injury… just please don’t tread on other people like other callous customers have previously done.

Walmart Black Friday Store Map2 Guide to black friday   Getting the best Online/Offline Deal

You’re also going to need a game plan – it’s probably going to be havoc in there and you aren’t going to have time to consider your next move. Visit the stores a couple of days in advance and draw yourself a basic floorplan so that you can suss out the locations of products you’re intending to look for.

Move quickly – while we don’t condone any violence or aggression on Black Friday, we do insist that you move as quickly as possible. If you want the best deals, you’re going to have to be pretty quick on your feet to get to them, because there’ll be someone right behind you with their eye on the same bargain.
Don’t be greedy – just because you get there first doesn’t mean you have to clear the shelves. Be considerate and stick to your fair share of items – others have been waiting in line just as long as you have, and flaunting a handful of iPads in front of other customers isn’t going to look at all good.

Most importantly, stay calm. If someone is getting antsy and shouting, try and ignore them. The last thing you want is a store-based riot that could only end up in injury and discontent.

blackfriday Guide to black friday   Getting the best Online/Offline Deal

Online Guide

You might think this option is going to be considerably easier, but oh how wrong you would be! You see, much like any physical store, there’s a limit to the number of goods put up for sale, as well as the number of customers a retailer’s website can handle. So if too many people visit the site, it’s going to crash the servers.

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The first thing you’ll need is a super-fast internet connection – One of the main problems with online Black Friday shopping is that the item isn’t actually yours until you’ve bought it, unlike in physical stores where it’s yours if you’re holding it. So, if you want to be the first to check out on the website, a high-speed connection will be a prerequisite. It can be a smart idea to load the same page on different devices such as your mobile and tablet just to see if you can get in, but ultimately the person with the quickest internet connection is likely to be the one who bags the goodies.
Be realistic – just like offline shopping, you’re going to need to be proportionate about what you’ll be able to get your hands on. You might be able to fit more in your virtual basket without it weighing you down, but being greedy is still a no-no in the online world. Set yourself a budget to stick to before you end up decimating your bank balance – panic-buying can lead to items being bought simply because they’re cheap.

Work in teams – if there’s more than one website you want to hit on Black Friday, getting a partner to work alongside you would be sensible. Rather than you having to do all the work yourself and risk missing out, get a friend (or friends) to shop on the other sites you want to buy from at the same time.
Do a ‘recce’ – just as with working out the floorplan of the real store, knowing your way around the website is a must. Set up an account beforehand and ensure all your payment details are correct as this will cut the time from click-to-checkout. This is particularly beneficial when shopping on Amazon, which offers a one-click checkout service to account holders.

shopping basket add 256 Guide to black friday   Getting the best Online/Offline Deal

Be ready and waiting – on Black Friday online shoppers are going to need to queue virtually. By this, I mean that you’re going to need to sit there and wait for the sales to appear, rather than logging on later in the day and expecting to be able to buy the items you want. Which leads to the next point…

Make yourself comfortable – set yourself up somewhere you will be happy to spend a few hours. You might not usually shop from your desk, but after a few hours you’ll probably be thankful that you’re still going strong.

Missed out on your deal? Fear not, the Monday following Black Friday – by the name of ‘Cyber Monday’ is typically when you will find some more of the best online deals available.

Don’t forget to check out our video guide to Black Friday:

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