Free iZettle Card Reader Available For Smartphones

by Dale Wright

Fed up with carrying cash? The days of paying with coins could soon be over. iZettle, a new payment service, has just partnered with EE, and now anyone can take card payments via their smartphone.

The iZettle is a small card reader that attaches to a smartphone or tablet. It comes with its own free app. Once connected, smartphone and tablet users can swipe buyers’ cards through the iZettle reader and take the customer’s signature via the device’s touchscreen. If your customers prefer not to swipe their card, they can tap in the details manually. The customer is automatically emailed a receipt and the money is deposited into the seller’s bank account.
iZettle Free iZettle Card Reader Available For Smartphones
iZettle currently provides two different readers. The original iZettle has a charging dock connector and supports iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (running iOS 4.2 or later). If you have an Android phone, an iPhone 5 or a fourth generation iPad, you’ll need to buy the Android version of iZettle which plugs into the headphone socket.

iZettle2 Free iZettle Card Reader Available For Smartphones

Although iZettle’s card reader has been available for some time, this is the first time it has been offered on the high street. EE will be selling the iZettle reader for £20, and each one comes with a £20 voucher towards transaction fees, making it effectively free. Each transaction is subject to a 2.75% charge, which puts it in the same price band as PayPal.

The makers of iZettle say that it doesn’t allow buyers to use chip and PIN technology, so it’s the seller’s responsibility to check that the signatures match and the card has not expired. The company recommends that sellers check buyers’ ID to prevent fraud. Also, the cardholder does have to be present to sign for the transaction. That means it’s only useful for people who trade face-to-face, because iZettle can’t be used for payments over the phone.

It looks like we could soon see credit cards being taken at markets, second hand shops and other places where it would previously have been too expensive to take credit cards.

Will you be picking up an iZettle reader for your next car boot sale?