Apple Settles Out Of Court With HTC

by Dale Wright

Apple has been at the centre of a high-profile court battle with Samsung over the last few weeks. But when it comes to HTC, it seems the company is willing to bury the hatchet.

Apple was slammed by judges for publishing an inaccurate statement about Samsung’s court win on its website. After being defeated in a $1 billion trial, the court forced Apple to republish the original statement within 48 hours, saying it contained “false and inaccurate” information. Apple attempted to stall for time but was not allowed to, then was criticised again for for hiding the link to the revised statement. Judges also said Apple had delayed publication of the statement in newspapers and magazines.
apple htc Apple Settles Out Of Court With HTC

But just a week later, Apple has effectively settled with HTC out of court, perhaps to avoid another long, drawn out patent battle. The two companies have signed a 10-year licensing agreement which covers both company’s patents. Despite having clashed with HTC before, it appears that the two companies have settled amicably this time. The settlement will effectively cancel out all of the two company’s disputes over the last two years.

Apple has been criticised for leaning too heavily on legal proceedings to get an advantage over the competition. Although its case against HTC is much smaller than the Samsung trial, the fact that Apple has settled could be a sign that Tim Cook is less comfortable with litigation than Steve Jobs was. Jobs famously said Android was a “stolen product”.
htc droid Apple Settles Out Of Court With HTC

HTC will now be moving forwards with its new range of Windows smartphones. It’s also due to announce a new handset, the HTC Droid DNA, at a press event tomorrow in New York City. It’s thought to be similar to the HTC J Butterfly, and rumours suggest the Droid DNA will have the same 1080p HD screen – that’s even better than the display on the Samsung Galaxy S3.