O2 announce the arrival of the HTC One X Plus

by Dale Wright

In the battle of the smartphones, the Apple iPhone 5 is up there with the Samsung Galaxy SIII and the HTC One X. All three phones are on top of their game, but HTC are about to go one better with the HTC One X Plus (or One X+, if you prefer).

Htc logo O2 announce the arrival of the HTC One X Plus

The HTC One X Plus is an update to HTC’s premium handset that includes a host of souped-up features and is designed for the UK market. GSM Arena spotted the new handset in the new winter O2 catalogue, so we can assume it’s now available for pre-order. But is it worth the upgrade from the One X?

Well, yes – just. The O2 specs suggest that the phone will boast a phenomenally powerful 1.7 Ghz quad core Tegra 3+ processor, which is a shade more powerful than the old mode;. The storage in the original One X isn’t expandable, and it looks like the One X Plus won’t have a memory card slot either, but we’ll see 64GB of onboard storage in the One X Plus, which is a vast improvement on the 32 GB of the original One X.

HTCX O2 announce the arrival of the HTC One X Plus

The same old 8 MP camera completes the hardware specs, and it looks like the screen will still be 4.7 inches in size, so no change there. The phone comes with 25 GB of Dropbox storage, which is the same as the HTC One X.

As for the OS, HTC are shipping the One X Plus with Jelly Bean. It’ll also come with Beats Audio, the same audio capability that will be bundled with HTC’s new Windows 8 phones. The phone has a small red Beats logo on the back of the case.

It’s looking likely that O2 customers will be able to get their hands on the One X Plus before the end of 2012. On Pay As You Go, you can expect to part with a cool £480 for the handset, plus £10 for a top-up. Contract customers will have to wait a little longer for pricing details.