iPad Mini set for November 2 launch?

by Dale Wright

If you’ve been keeping up to date with The Snugg lately, you’ll have noticed that we’ve added a brand new iPad Mini case to our range of iPad and iPhone cases.
Apple Logo iPad Mini set for November 2 launch?

Today, tech sites are reporting that Apple may have set a released date for the long-awaited Mini version of the Apple iPad, which is great news.

Although it’s all a rumour, and nothing is confirmed officially from Apple sources, Sky News are reporting that there may be an announcement about the iPad Mini as soon as October 17th. We would therefore see it arrive in UK shops approximately two weeks later, in the first week of November. We probably won’t know for sure until members of the press get their invites to the event, which could be as soon as next Wednesday.

According to Macatakara, a Japanese gadget site, the iPad Mini is rumoured to have a carbon fibre case, a 7.85” screen and both 3G and wifi connectivity. That would make it super-strong and super-light, with all the connections you’d need to get online anywhere. It would also run iOS 6, just like the iPhone 5 and new iPad.
iPadMini iPad Mini set for November 2 launch?

Amazon have anticipated the rumours with the launch of their Kindle Fire tablet in September, and Google are already ploughing ahead in the mini-tablet market thanks to their Nexus 7. Both of these tablets run Android, although the Kindle Fire is locked down to Amazon’s own app store. The iPad Mini would have strong competition from both, but the Apple brand could be enough to encourage consumers to part with more money for their own mini slate. That means the iPad Mini could still be a real contender for the number one spot in the gadget charts this Christmas.

If you want to be first in line for Apple’s newest tablet computer, keep your eye on the Snugg blog for more news through October. Will you be buying an iPad Mini? Maybe stay prepared and get yourself an iPad Mini case from The Snugg…