With just days to go until the expected unveiling of the iPhone 5, rumours about the specs of Apple’s next-gen smartphone – what it won’t include as much as what it will include – are hotting up all over the web.

Following the bitter billion-dollar patent battle fought between the two companies this summer, it now appears that Apple will not be using Samsung memory chips in the iPhone 5, with no agreement being reached over the price of the components.
a6 World waits for iPhone 5 launch

However, notwithstanding the strained relations between the two tech giants, it looks as though Samsung will still be supplying the iPhone 5’s main processors. Apple remains one of Samsung’s biggest customer, while the Korean firm’s massive manufacturing capability means Apple would struggle to find another supplier which could meet its demands.

The device will include a larger, 4-inch screen, a smaller dock connector, and possibly 4G LTE connectivity, amongst other new additions.
Lead World waits for iPhone 5 launch

But making the new iPhone compatible with LTE worldwide has proved something of a headache for Apple, and while it is likely that users will be able to hook up to most services around the world, some will be left stumped.

Carriers supplying super-fast LTE broadband use many more bandwidths than the previous 3G wireless connection services, 36 compared to 22 globally. Designing chips which can support all of those bandwidths is a major challenge and it doesn’t look as if Apple has cracked the problem ahead of the iPhone 5’s anticipated launch.

The iPhone 5 is being hotly tipped to smash previous sales records, with one in five Brits saying they want one of the new devices, according to a YouGov survey.

Apple is expected to unveil the next iPhone at a September 12th event in San Francisco and release it in the U.S, U.K and a few other countries by Sept. 21.

You can pre-order your case for the iPhone 5, (if you want to be prepared) here. Let us know how excited or unimpressed you are about the impending launch in the comments.