Samsung announce new Windows 8 devices and Android camera

by Dale Wright

Fans of Windows devices will be pleased to hear that Samsung have a range of new Windows gadgets coming out later this year – plus a brand new high-spec digital camera which runs Android.

The new Samsung ATIV gizmos have only just been revealed but a few details have already been released. There will be a 10.1” tablet and a 4.8” smartphone, the ATIV S. All will run Windows Phone 8 or Windows 8.

Samsung ATIV

Samsung have also announced a rather futuristic looking digital camera, the Galaxy Camera. Unlike normal digital cameras, it runs the Android operating system and has built-in wifi for easy picture and video sharing. The camera boasts 16.3 megapixels, a massive 21x optical zoom lens and a screen that’s bigger than the iPhone’s screen. In fact, the camera looks exactly like a smartphone from the back, but has a massive lens and pop-up flash on the front. Due to all those extra parts, it weighs 300g – quite a lot for a digital camera. The Galaxy Camera doesn’t take a SIM card, although you can make calls on it through Skype or VOIP.

Galaxy Camera
Galaxy Camera Share

Samsung have also announced a new Android device, the Galaxy Note II. The new Android device has a bigger screen and a stylus for easy operation. However, it looks like Samsung could be about to distance itself from Android following a slew of costly patent battles against Apple.

Galaxy Note II

The new Samsung line will be launched later this year, with October being a likely launch date – Windows 8 will be released on October 26th. The success of the new Samsung Windows devices probably depends on the take-up of Windows 8 in the corporate world, with Microsoft’s Surface tablet being a likely flagship product. But the Galaxy Camera is a far more interesting development and could kick-start a new era of Android as an OS for more than just tablets and phones.