iPlayer is now retina-enabled on the new iPad

by Dale Wright

One of the best things about owning the new iPad – apart from buying a fantastic Snugg case, of course – is the brand new retina display. The iPad 2 had a reasonably good screen, but the new iPad brings crystal-clear HD visuals to the iPad for the first time.

Some app developers have been quite slow to pick up on the new technology, but now, apps are starting to take advantage of the tablet’s stunning high resolution screen.

The latest app to take advantage of the retina display is one of our favourite iPad apps, the BBC iPlayer. In addition, the Beeb have also included voice control for easy playback, and have souped up its overall graphics performance.

iPlayer iPlayer is now retina enabled on the new iPad

The retina display doesn’t improve the quality of the video itself. You’ll still see break-ups if your connection is slow. But the overall appearance of the app is much better, with buttons and controls rendering beautifully on-screen.

Another feature you may have missed in the web-based version of iPlayer is the restart button. When watching a live show, you can restart the current programme from the beginning, so you don’t have to wait until it ends to watch it on catch-up. This isn’t available on tablets yet, although it will appear on the iPad soon. (Using iPlayer on your new iPad, iPad 1 or iPad 2 doesn’t require a TV licence unless you’re watching live TV as it’s broadcast. Catching up with shows that are archived is legal without a licence, though.)

Looking for some more apps to show off your stunning retina display on the new iPad? Try Angry Birds in Space HD, Solar Walk, iPhoto and Draw Something. If you enjoy reading news and blogs, Instapaper and Flipboard both support the retina display too.

Do you have a favourite retina app for your new iPad? Let us know in the comments.