HTC rumour: New Android “superphone” due in September

by Dale Wright

Move over, iPad Mini – HTC could be about to steal your thunder.

Tech sites are buzzing with the news that the manufacturer is working on a brand new 5” version of its smartphone – a device that has been dubbed a “superphone” or a “phablet” (too big to be called a phone, but too large to be called a tablet). According to benchmark data, the new device currently has the model number 6435LVW.

 HTC rumour: New Android “superphone” due in September

The rumour has been announced via Digitimes, and bloggers widely believe it’ll be part of the HTC One range if it emerges. Mysterious benchmarking stats on GLBenchmark reveal a device running Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 has been tested, sporting a 1.5Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor and graphics powered by an Adreno 320. The screen would have a whopping 1794×1080 resolution, making it an exciting prospect for those who want HD screens on their devices.

If the benchmark is anything to go by, it’ll also support the new 4G LTE radio standard for super-fast broadband access, making TV streaming and downloads much easier and faster (although 4G won’t be available in the UK until late 2013).

Tech site BGR reported back in April that a massive new HTC phone was in development, although had no solid links to prove their point. The fact that stats about a matching device have been leaked lends a little extra credibility to the rumour.

If the news is true, we could see this new HTC One 6435LVW hitting the shelves in September. The iPad Mini announcement (if the iPad Mini exists) would happen around the same time. That means the HTC “phablet” could be a prime competition, and it would also rival similar devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note II which is predicted to have a slightly bigger 5.5” inch screen. (The Galaxy Note I’s screen is 5.3”).

HTC haven’t confirmed or denied the rumours, and so far, the benchmark statistics only suggest a US release on the Verizon network. Watch the Snugg blog for more news as it’s announced.