Will you upgrade your Mac to Mountain Lion?

by Dale Wright

Mac users can now get their hands on OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, the latest (and probably the last) update to the OS X operating system.
MountainLion Will you upgrade your Mac to Mountain Lion?

The new version of the OS is another step forward for Apple and brings a host of new features to Mac desktops and laptops. Many of these features will be familiar to anyone who owns an iPhone or iPad. Here are a few of the most exciting additions:

  • With AirPlay, you’ll be able to beam video from your laptop to your Apple TV. This is already possible on the iPhone and iPad and is a really handy feature to have.
  • Facebook and Twitter are going to be integrated into the OS, so it’ll be easier to message and share from the desktop. In addition, there will be integration with iCloud, including a new feature which will sync tabs across all devices in Safari.
  • You’ll be able to send and receive texts using iMessage, just as you can on the iPhone 4 and iPad. A new Notification bar will make finding messages really easy.

iMessages Will you upgrade your Mac to Mountain Lion?

  • There’s a new Share button in certain apps which allows you to quickly send a file via email, iMessage or AirDrop.
  • Anyone with a Mac will know that constant iTunes updates are a pain. Power Nap will appease users by applying updates in the background; it will also download emails and tweets while the computer is asleep. This is only available on the newest of Mac laptops.

Nap Will you upgrade your Mac to Mountain Lion?

Just like Lion Server, Mountain Lion will be available from the Mac App store only, so you’ll have to download it. The installer costs £13.99, but if you bought your Mac in the last month or so, you’ll be entitled to download it for free as long as you act within the next 30 days. If you have an older Mac, check compatibility before you purchase.

Will you be an early adopter of Mac OS X Mountain Lion?