Samsung launch new projector phone for movies on the go

by Dale Wright

Is your smartphone screen a bit too small? Fear not: Samsung’s new Android phone is about to illuminate your living room.

The Samsung Galaxy Beam is an Android phone with a built-in projector on the top edge. This makes it a fair bit wider than a normal smartphone, and it also has a distinctive orange stripe. The touch screen on the phone is a fairly standard 4 inches, and it has a 1Ghz ARM dual-core processor and 768MB RAM – again, solid enough but nothing particularly flashy.

galaxy beam Samsung launch new projector phone for movies on the go

The projector itself can project a 720p image or video clip from 50 inches away when positioned opposite a flat surface. It’s fully compatible with Microsoft Office as well, so you can easily beam documents and presentations through the phone. The ‘pico’ (mini) projector is rated at 15 lumens – good enough to see in daylight provided you sit quite close to the projected image.

OK, perhaps this won’t exactly rival a good projector, but it would do the job on a plane or in a hotel room – you can project onto the ceiling, which is a nice idea. The phone can also be used as an overhead projector or magnifier. Hold the 5MP camera over an object or document and a live image will be projected onto the wall.

The Samsung Galaxy Beam runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread, a bit of a shame since Ice Cream Sandwich is now becoming old news and Jelly Bean is now starting to be rolled out. The old OS could be a bit of a problem for people who want their tech to be bang up to date.

Samsung say the Samsung Galaxy Beam supports up to three hours of continuous projection, so best have a charging cable handy if you plan to use it on the go. Otherwise, this looks like an exciting gadget, and we’re looking forward to trying it out. Check out the video below…