The iPhone 5 rumour mill has gone into overdrive this week, mainly thanks to a leaked picture of a fairly authentic-looking prototype. Leaks from Apple factories are notoriously unreliable, but if this one is the real deal, we’ll be looking at a few significant changes to the iPhone 5.

iPhone5 iPhone 5 rumour round up

The phone’s screen is expected to be longer with a thinner in-cell screen and a bigger battery (poor battery life is one of the main complaints about older models). It’s not clear how this larger screen would affect the layout of existing apps, though, so there may be some compatibility issues.

Rumours also suggest that the camera will be moved to the centre of the phone, and there will be a microphone next to the camera for clearer audio on video recordings. Despite having more power, the prototypes suggest the new model will be thinner – and possibly lighter – than the older model, with an aluminium unibody case helping to make it more comfortable to hold.

 iPhone 5 rumour round up

According to the media, the iPhone 5 will also take a nano SIM card, a new type of SIM that’s 40% smaller than the micro SIM in the iPhone 4 and 4S measuring just 12x9mm. We’re expecting the new iPhone to have 4G capability, just like the new iPad.

New apps in iOS 6 include an improvement to the phone app which will allow you to automatically respond to missed calls with a text. Apple will also be introducing Passbook, a virtual wallet for plane, concert and train tickets. If any of the details on the ticket change (such as the date or departure point) the ticket will automatically update. Google Maps will also be replaced with Apple Maps.

The new iPhone is expected to launch in October, although we should have an official announcement in the first or second week of August. This could be an attempt to ensure Apple don’t lose too many customers to Samsung and HTC, given that their phones are streets ahead of the current iPhone models, and many customers are likely to switch if the new iPhone isn’t announced soon.

Are you tempted to switch to Android now, or are you waiting for the Apple keynote? Let us know in the comments.

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