Vodafone and O2 sharing to speed up 4G launch

by Dale Wright

Vodafone and O2 users will soon see a massive improvement to the way they access the internet and make calls.
VodaO2 Vodafone and O2 sharing to speed up 4G launch

The two mobile networks have announced that they will be joining forces – in a limited fashion – to form a united front against Everything Everywhere, the company that owns Orange and T-Mobile. Voda and O2 say that our increased use of data is costing them money, and sharing resources is the best way to combat the problem. Read their press release here

If you have a Vodafone or O2 contract or PAYG SIM, you should find that your connection speed and performance will improve as the companies share access to thousands of mobile transmitters. The country will be roughly divided vertically into two zones, with each company taking and managing one zone.

However, the two companies will be separate, and the way they sell their tariffs won’t change. At the moment, Orange users can use T-mobile signals, but Vodafone and O2 users won’t be able to do this. Despite sharing hardware, the networks will be handled separately as they are now.

All major UK networks are scrambling to launch super-fast 4G connections in the UK. Vodafone and O2 say joining forces now makes sense in the battle to be the first to launch 4G.

It still seems like the UK is a long way behind, though. By 2015, we can expect 98% of people in the UK to be able to access 2G and 3G. By 2017, we can expect 98% of the population to access 4G. But unlike countries like Hong Kong and the USA, we don’t have 4G yet – and we might not have it until late next year.

The new iPad was launched with 4G connectivity but Apple were ordered to remove the wording in the UK and Australia in case it mislead people into thinking 4G was already available.

Will you upgrade to a 4G smartphone or a new iPad when 4G is launched?