Nokia 808 Pureview – pre-order your 41MP phone

by Dale Wright

Nokia’s dominance in the mobile phone market may have slipped in recent years, but their new handset blows every other smartphone out of the water – at least in terms of its camera.

The brand new Nokia 808 Pureview will hit stores this week priced at £499.98 without a contract. If you order the Pureview, you can expect to receive it at the end of this week.
Pureview808 Nokia 808 Pureview   pre order your 41MP phone

So what’s special about the Pureview? It has a camera that would rival almost any digital SLR, boasting an unfathomable resolution of 41 megapixels.

Taking 41MP photos may not be the most practical way to preserve your holiday memories, though, and Nokia say that the camera isn’t designed to take photos which can be printed at billboard size. Instead, they say the aim is to take photos that can be displayed on a TV screen with a fantastic level of detail. The sensor in the camera is five times bigger than a decent compact digital camera, and the lens is made by Zeiss – one of the world’s premium lens manufacturers; Zeiss also supply lenses to Sony.

With only 32GB of storage bundled with the phone, you wouldn’t actually be able to take a 41MP photo without immediately running out of storage space. That’s why Pureview also doesn’t offer super high resolution photos in every mode. Most settings output normal 3MP, 5MP or 8MP shots, making the Pureview slightly less impressive than it initially seems.

The rest of the specs are fairly average for a phone in this price range: a 1.3GHz processor, 4” touchscreen and wifi: all features you probably already have in your pocket. Nokia have included instant Facebook uploads and NFC, but other smartphones have already done this (and more).

Fans of Android, iOS and Windows operating systems are also in for some bad news. Nokia are gritting their teeth and sticking with Symbian for the Pureview, at least for now. If you’re willing to make the switch, you can pre-order the Pureview on Amazon right now. Send us some photos and let us know what you think in the comments.