Asus announce new Transformer and the Taichi, the laptop with two HD screens

by Dale Wright

The HTC One X and Samsung SIII are the latest smartphones to feature gigantic screens, and it looks like the tablet PC might be going the same way.

Asus are about to release a tablet that will make your new iPad look like old news.
asus logo Asus announce new Transformer and the Taichi, the laptop with two HD screens

The Transformer Book is the newest Asus interpretation of the tablet PC. Just like the Transformer Prime, it has its own bespoke keyboard dock which is attached to one side of the tablet to turn it into a laptop. But here’s the difference: the company claim that the Transformer Book is the world’s biggest tablet computer when detached from its keyboard dock. Check out the video below to see more details.

Asus also announced a brand new device, the Taichi, which is the strangest laptop we’ve seen so far. Unlike the Transformer Book, the keyboard isn’t detachable: it looks like a laptop, but with one important difference. There’s a HD screen on the lid. When the laptop is closed, it behaves like a tablet PC. When it’s open, it’s a laptop, but both screens operate at the same time. That means you can watch a movie with someone sitting opposite you, or play a presentation to colleagues while you answer your emails (or have a quick flutter on Angry Birds). Both screens on the Taichi are high-spec IPS panels, so nobody gets the short straw when it comes to quality. The following video shows you the dual screen in action.

The new Asus dual-screen laptop will be available in two form factors: a 13.3” size and a smaller netbook-style 11.6” size. These sizes pretty much mirror the sizing of the Macbook Air range. The slight snag for Android fans is that Taichi runs Windows 8 only; the Transformer Book runs Android without the keyboard, and Windows 8 when the keyboard is docked.

The Asus announcements were made at the Computex trade show in Taiwan this week. It’s thought that lots of new Windows 8 devices will appear over the coming months. The new Microsoft OS is designed for touch screens and has inspired a new evolution of tablet-laptop combination devices. We’ll keep you up to date as more weird and wonderful tablet PCs are launched.

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