Apple announce new Siri, new Macbooks and a new OS

by Dale Wright

Apple have announced a range of updates that will excite iPhone 4S and iPad users.
iOS6 Apple announce new Siri, new Macbooks and a new OS

The next version of Apple’s operating system, iOS 6, promises to improve on key elements of iOS 5, such as Siri.

For the first time, Siri will be available on the iPad, and Apple have promised that the software will be more useful and capable. It’ll be able to answer questions about cinema tickets and post an update on Facebook, for example.

Apple will also borrow tweaks and new features from desktop browsers to improve the mobile version of Safari.

Perhaps the biggest change will be the new Maps application. The current Maps app runs on Google data, but Apple are about to cut ties with Google completely and offer their own mapping on iPhone and iPad. Siri will be able to respond to location queries using the new mapping software, and there will also be a new feature to run turn-by-turn directions, much like a sat nav. The move is thought to be a logical progression of Steve Jobs’ pledge to battle Google over Android, an OS he felt was derivative and inferior.
Maps Apple announce new Siri, new Macbooks and a new OS

Fans of Apple laptops will also be pleased to see the Macbook Pro get a facelift with a brand new ultra-thin shape and retina display. A new Macbook Air has also been announced with USB 3 ports and a bigger SSD option. Over time, we could see these two laptops merge as their specs become more similar.

When the new laptops launch, we’ll also be able to buy Mountain Lion, the next (and possibly final) update to Mac OS X.

Finally, Mac Pro fans have got the news they’ve been waiting for. Although Apple are concentrating more on mobile these days, the old faithful desktop has finally received an update. The top-of-the-line model will cost $3799 and boasts two six-core processors; with hyper threading, it can support up to 24 virtual cores. Not bad for a computer many thought had been tossed on the scrap heap.