S Voice for Samsung S III already available for download

by Dale Wright

Smartphones are part of our everyday lives, but it seems that the feature manufacturers really want to push is voice recognition combined with search.

Apple released Siri, its virtual PA, as part of the iPhone 4S launch in October last year. At the time of its release, Siri was the major selling point for the new handset and attracted a massive wave of publicity. Siri was previously an app that could be installed on any iPhone, but Apple withdrew the app and made it 4S-only in a bid to make the software exclusive and promote its new smartphone.

In response, Samsung have bundled S Voice into the brand new Galaxy S III; presumably they’d like to have the same fanfare Apple got when the phone is launched. But unfortunately for Samsung, S Voice has already been leaked and posted on forums for free download.
SVoice S Voice for Samsung S III already available for download

In theory, anyone can run S Voice on a new-ish Android phone right now, even without the Samsung S III. It’s not as simple as downloading an app, though: to use S Voice you’ll need to have a rooted Android phone, Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) or higher, a special version of the S Voice software – and more than a little patience to get everything playing nicely.

The leaking of S Voice just proves Apple’s insistence on completely closed apps has been a financially savvy move for the company as they retain tight control over anything that appears on our iPhone screens.

Users in the UK were slightly surprised to find that many of Siri’s location-based features didn’t work outside the US, so finding things like amenities and businesses is impossible. The software also has trouble with strong accents. Nonetheless, Siri has remained a desirable addition to the phone. Time will tell if S Voice is any better. Check out S Voice in action below:

iPhone 4S users: do you find Siri useful, or were you disappointed in its abilities? And do you think S Voice will be more useful than Siri?

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