New YouView box will offer streaming TV – but is it too late?

by Dale Wright

Do you watch lots of streaming video on iPlayer, Netflix and YouTube? Lord Sugar is helping to launch a brand new service that could soon see you pack away that Freeview box once and for all – but critics say it’ll be far too late to launch.
youview logo New YouView box will offer streaming TV   but is it too late?

YouView will combine all the channels Brits currently receive on Freeview with content from the BBC iPlayer, effectively creating a streaming service for all domestic TV in the UK. All the major TV channels are involved, with input from ISPs like BT, and the service will offer the normal PVR functions such as recording shows and playing catch-up TV.

However, you’ll still need to buy a special box to receive the YouView service, as it’s not available as an app or online. The YouView hardware is expected to cost a whopping £200 if bought without a contract. If you like streaming content through a gadget you already have, it might not be so convenient to buy another piece of kit; many people might feel a tablet computer or internet-ready TV is a better investment.

YouView is currently being trialled in the UK, complete with access to iPlayer and LoveFilm. Due to launch two years ago, it’s way behind schedule and many people feel people have moved on to other ways of receiving streaming TV. In the meantime, the BBC have given more than £6 million to YouView to get the service online – and that money came from UK license fees.

Lord Sugar joined the company three months ago and is pushing to get the device launched before it slips even further behind schedule. Hopes that it would be launched before the Olympic Games are fading as technical issues continue to plague the project. Two years ago YouView would have been a really appealing gadget for many people, but nowadays we have a lot more options for watching TV online.

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Would you buy this new TV box, or do you think YouView is too late to catch on?