Twitter taking top spammers to court

by Dale Wright

Twitter Twitter taking top spammers to court

It’s really easy to use Twitter on any smartphone, and the age of mobile devices and tablet computers has really helped the microblogging service to take off. But as with all communication platforms, Twitter has become a target for spam.

If you use Twitter, you’ll probably have received a spam tweet at some stage: particularly if you mention a term such as ‘iPad 2’ or ‘iPhone 4’ in a tweet you send. Some spammers send malicious links as well. Even if you’re smart enough to follow these links or reply to the accounts, Twitter spam can be annoying.

The staff at Twitter are taking their crackdown on spam to the next level. After tweaking the site to cut down on spam before it reaches users, they’ve now announced they’re taking the makers of spamming software to court in order to prevent the messages being sent at all. The five tools they’ve targeted are TweetAttacks, TweetAdder, TweetBuddy, and (The latter is a site which promised a way to get Justin Bieber to follow you on Twitter – it has now been taken offline).

Twitter have already filed a case against the makers of five prominent software tools and web applications, and by shutting down those tools, they hope to slash the amount of spam being sent via tweet. Not only will the major toolkits be unavailable, but they hope this definite legal action will act as a deterrent to others.

In addition, Twitter say they have tightened up their spam detection measures, and they’ll automatically scan links to determine whether the destination is a fake web page, a virus or some other kind of malicious website. Twitter emphasise that users should continue to block and report any spammers that target them using the service.

Just last week Twitter announced an upgrade to their Blackberry client, including automatic link shortening and the ability to share your latest tweet as a status message on Blackberry Messenger. The new Blackberry app also allows you to add Twitter account information to your BBM contacts.