Steve Wozniak: Nokia Lumia Windows phone is ‘beautiful’

by Dale Wright

Nokia was once the giant of the mobile phone market. Nowadays, they’ve lost traction in the new world of smartphones and tablets, with Apple arguably taking many of their once-loyal customers.
ncom lumia 900 Steve Wozniak: Nokia Lumia Windows phone is ‘beautiful’

But Nokia have a surprise cheerleader in Steve Wozniak, the guy who co-founded Apple with his late friend Steve Jobs. Known as Woz among friends and techies, he’s a massive fan of mobile technology and has good things to say about both Android and Apple, unlike Jobs who vowed to wipe out the rival OS.

Woz recently queued outside an AT&T shop in order to get his hands on the new Nokia Lumia 900, the first phone in a brand new range of Windows smartphones. And Nokia are very pleased with the positive PR he’s given them on Twitter. Woz branded the new Windows Mobile handset ‘beautiful’. He also said in an interview that he was ‘shocked’ at how attractive the phone was, adding: “For looks and beauty I definitely favour the Windows Phone over Android.”

The Nokia Lumia 900 isn’t yet out in the UK, but it’s due to hit stores within the next three weeks. It boasts a 4.3” touchscreen, an 8MP rear camera and a front facing camera for video calls. The Lumia runs Windows Phone 7.5, Microsoft Office, SkyDrive and Nokia Drive, putting it front and centre in the race to the cloud. It records video at 720p HD, has in-built GPS and allows users to link their phone to their Xbox LIVE account, giving it the edge for gamers. It’s also undeniably pretty, with a slim candybar shape and sleek curved edges.

Nokia made a loss in the last quarter of 2011, despite licensing a number of smartphone patents to Apple for the iPhone 4S. In terms of handset sales, all hopes are pinned on Lumia to help them recover. Support from Woz is likely to give them a valuable PR boost in the run up to launch here in the UK.