Apple in trouble after marketing iPad and 4G

by Dale Wright

Despite a largely successful launch of the ‘new iPad’, Apple have landed themselves in hot water over some of the claims made in their adverts. After courting controversy in Australia, it looks like Apple could be in trouble in the UK as well – less than one month after The New iPad was launched here.
iPad3 Apple in trouble after marketing iPad and 4G

The problems revolve around Apple’s claim of 4G connectivity. In the UK, 4G isn’t available, and since no network is ready to launch the new super-fast mobile connection, it may not be available until early next year. But Apple launched the new iPad with marketing material that states 4G connections are possible. In total, 24 people have complained to the Advertising Standards Authority that Apple have been misleading people by claiming that the new iPad can connect via 4G, but the only place Apple can technically claim 4G connectivity is North America. As a result, many retailers in other countries have been careful not to use Apple’s generic promotional displays in their stores in case customers complain.

In Australia, Apple ran an advertising campaign offering ‘WiFi and 4G’ connections, but was investigated and forced to give people their money back if they felt they had been misled. In the UK, we’ll have to wait and see whether the Advertising Standards Authority investigate Apple before we know if refunds will be offered. Since the complaints were first reported, their website has been updated to make the information clearer, but the Advertising Standards Authority could still decide to rule on whether Apple posted misleading information when the product was first released.

If the Advertising Standards Authority say that Apple must offer refunds, that could affect some of the 3 million people who have already purchased the new iPad. However, that’s unlikely to bother the US tech giant: they are now on course to become the first ever $1 trillion company.