Free Wi-Fi on the London Overground

by Dale Wright

A deal has been struck between the London Overground Rail Operations Limited and The Cloud, which is a subsidiary of BSkyB, to provide a full hour’s worth of free internet to commuters on the overground service on a daily basis.
Overground Free Wi Fi on the London Overground

Commuters will be required to register only once for the service in order to gain 60 minutes of free access to the internet and their email. At the same time, The Cloud have suggested that the network the vicinity of a station will be able to handle media streaming. They haven’t yet confirmed the range and speed of the network and it is not known how many people it will be capable of supporting.

London commuters currently have to rely on 3G connections to get work done or check email on the move, and on the underground, there’s obviously no way to get online at the moment. But a similar deal has been struck between Virgin Media and the London Underground, spurred on perhaps by the sporting events in the capital this summer. The Virgin Media deal was announced earlier this month and will see free Wi-Fi installed at 80 tube stations before the start of the Olympics and a further 40 by the end of 2012, bringing London in line with many other capital cities. However, whilst this service is initially free, it will eventually become pay-as-you-go, unlike the Overground Wi-Fi, which will remain free to use – as far as we know.

About 12 stations across the overground rail network will have access to Wi-Fi by the end of 2012. These include Dalston, Forest Hill, Hackney Central, Kensington Olympia, New Cross Gate, Norwood Junction, Shepherd’s Bush, Surrey Quays, Wapping, West Croydon, West Hampstead and Willesden Junction. TfL have yet to confirm which tube stations will be getting a Wi-Fi connection.

How much will you be willing to pay to check Facebook on the tube?