Apple co-founder: ‘I prefer Android for GPS’

by Dale Wright

Android vs iOS: which do you prefer? Do you swear by your Samsung Galaxy, or cherish your iPhone 4S?

The man who founded Apple with Steve Jobs has chimed in on the mobile OS debate, and his views might just surprise you.

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Steve Wozniak – known to most Apple geeks as ‘Woz’ – set up Apple with Steve Jobs when they were teenagers in 1976. Woz built the first Apple computer and was instrumental in developing Apple hardware in the early years of the home computer industry.

He has shocked many Apple enthusiasts by publicly stating that he prefers Android to Apple as an OS, particularly in terms of GPS navigation. He also said that Android’s voice recognition is superior to Siri, the personal assistant that is currently the main marketing point for the iPhone 4S. Woz added that Siri’s ability to interpret and answer questions accurately and intelligently has decreased over time, and the tool had become less useful as it matured.

Woz said his primary smartphone was an iPhone, but picked up on the issue of battery life, which is generally considered to be poor. He also said he missed certain features about Android when using his iPhone 4S, and hinted that developers were put off submitting apps for Apple App Store due to the long, drawn-out approval process and expense of keeping an app live for months or years afterwards. He did, however, say that iOS is easier to use than Android.

His comments have caused some experts to recall the battle between Apple and Microsoft in the desktop computer market, particularly in the 1990s, when Apple became a specialist computer manufacturer, unlike the PC which became a dominant force. Could iOS suffer the same fate and lose mainstream support? Steve Jobs famously said that he would be willing to spend Apple’s entire fortune to “destroy” Android, but Steve Wozniak is known for speaking his mind – even if what he says is controversial.

Do you agree with Woz’s comments about Android?