Free apps are coming to Spotify

by Dale Wright

How many apps do you use on a daily basis? Most of us download apps onto our smartphones, or use apps with our Google accounts and tablet devices. If you’re a Mac user, you probably download apps from the App Store, and most of us with a Facebook account will have authorised numerous apps.

Now another service is looking to tap into the potential of apps.

Spotify is the latest piece of software to open up an API to external, third-party developers. By hooking in to the Spotify API, programmers will be able to add numerous additional features to the Spotify experience.

Spotify apps are likely to allow you to look at lyrics, pick up the latest gig dates near you, check out press reviews of an album or buy the song you’re listening to. Apps will integrate Spotify more tightly with popular websites like Last.FM and well-established music hubs such as Pitchfork, giving the user a more complete experience. In a similar way to the Apple store, the Spotify team would approve each app that became available. However, unlike Apple, Spotify would ensure all the apps were free – even to users who do not pay for a Spotify subscription.

The co-founder of Spotify Daniel Ek said that the company was reacting to demand from its users. However, some experts are concerned that developers will not be paid for their apps, meaning that less people would be willing to develop in the first place. This is likely to be less of a concern for companies which can make money through sales generated via their app.

Spotify now has 10 million users and a catalogue of 15 million songs. However, it has always been unpopular with artists as it pays out a very low amount of money compared with other services. It’s said that Lady Gaga was famously played 1 million times and received just $167 in royalties from Spotify.

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