Brits can’t stop checking emails at Christmas

by Dale Wright

It’s just over a week until Christmas, and most of us are looking forward to having some time off with our families. But new research from Securenvoy suggests that many of us just won’t be able to forget about work when we’re supposed to be at home relaxing. Facebook is also set to take up a huge amount of our time.

The company asked OnePoll to ask 1,000 people who work about their plans for Christmas. They found that almost half would check their work emails over the holiday. People aged 18-24 are apparently the most likely to log on and check their messages, whereas people aged 50 and over were found to be less worried about keeping up with work.

The reaction to being phoned over Christmas was very different: 46% of people said that they would be annoyed if their boss rang them when they were tucking into the turkey.

Securenvoy said that people with less job security are more likely to stay connected to work email, whereas other analysts have said that younger people are just more likely to be online checking messages on their computer, tablet or smartphone and would find it easy to check work messages at the same time. Research also suggests that many people who work feel obliged to respond to emails as soon as they arrive, making them more likely to have a quick peek at their emails.

The research is just one of a swathe of studies that suggest we just won’t be able to switch off our smartphones over the Christmas weekend. A survey by The Sun and YouGov suggests that 73% of us will check our personal email on Christmas day, and more than half of us will log onto Facebook. One in ten people said they would hop online to get an early look at the sales.

Experian Hitwise found that British people will spend 25 million hours on Facebook on Christmas Day, and 12 million hours streaming Christmas TV over iPlayer.

Do you normally use the internet on Christmas day? If so, what will you be doing online?