Blackberry is in Trouble, But How Much Longer Will They Last?

by Dale Wright

As 2011 comes to a close, the stakes are high for mobile phone manufacturers who are keen to see one of their smartphones under our Christmas trees this weekend. Unfortunately BlackBerry are not faring so well.

Ofcom are currently investigating a loophole in BlackBerry’s operating system that allows under-18s to view porn sites. These sites are normally blocked on teenagers’ mobiles, but the blocks are not effective on BlackBerry phones because t

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The BlackBerry 10 will be postponed until the end of 2012

The only network who have put a block on porn being downloaded to BlackBerry smartphones is T-Mobile. All other networks have not installed the security software which RIM offered to them, and Ofcom are now holding urgent talks to have the loophole closed. BlackBerry phones are used by thousands of teenagers because the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) service allows them to send messages to other BlackBerry users for free.

BlackBerry also suffered embarrassment when two of their sales executives were drunk and violent on a flight to Canada. The two men were restrained by other passengers after chewing through arm restraints. Only six weeks before, the company’s data centres suffered an enormous outage that left millions of customers without data services for several days.

BlackBerry have announced that they won’t be launching BlackBerry 10 smartphones until December 2012 due to a shortage of parts, meaning there’s a whole year for the competition to get a foothold. BlackBerry 10 phones will run the same OS as the BlackBerry PlayBook which was largely given a lukewarm reception by consumers. It now has a market share of well under 1%.

Both of BlackBerry’s CEOs are both taking home a salary of just $1 a year, and they predict sales this Christmas to be down to 11 million or 12 million smartphones: that’s approximately 4 million less than last year. BlackBerry now hold just over 9% of the smartphone market, compared to 24% last year, and their share price has dropped by 71% since the PlayBook was released.

Will you be getting rid of your BlackBerry smartphone this Christmas?

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