The Kindle Fire is Coming… Earlier Than Planned!

by Dale Wright

Amazon customers in the US are looking forward to receiving their Kindle Fire tablets earlier than planned. Reports began to surface that the new Amazon tablet is already being dispatched, along with the new Kindle Touch ebook readers. Some US Amazon customers have posted on the official Facebook page to report that their Kindle is due to arrive first thing today.

There’s no such good news for UK customers who are still awaiting a release date for the Kindle Fire. For now, those who wish to buy the tablet in Europe will need to wait. The Kindle Fire has just 6.5GB of storage, so it relies heavily on Amazon’s cloud services, many of which have not launched in Europe yet. Those who buy a Kindle Fire in the US are being warned that their tablet will not work to its full potential if they travel overseas.

Despite this, many US consumers are reportedly considering the Kindle Fire as an alternative to the iPad 2. Price is thought to be the biggest factor, as the Kindle Fire retails for only $199 – a price many experts believe is a loss-leader for Amazon. So far, reviews of the Kindle Fire suggest that it is far less powerful than the iPad 2, but could be enough for those who are looking for an entry level Android device. Although the Kindle Fire is designed around content and streaming, Amazon have recently purchased voice recognition software, Yap, which could rival Apple’s Siri app.

In the UK, Amazon have made steps to address complaints about ebook pricing by launching a Kindle ‘daily deal’. Using the same daily discount format pioneered by sites like Groupon, Amazon are offering limited discounts on certain Kindle books. Each day, you’ll be able to download a different title from Amazon at a reduced price. The first book, Where The Shadows Lie by Michael Ridpath, went on sale yesterday at 75% off the usual Kindle list price. You can find today’s Kindle deal at, you can also find our Kindle Fire Case on Amazon and on our website.

Will you upgrade your Kindle when the new models are launched in the UK?

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