From today, customers in the UK can rent movies via YouTube – the service has finally
launched here after running in the US and Canada since the spring. Anything you rent will
be available to watch on any compatible device, as long as you’re signed in to your YouTube account. You can watch these on most Android devices, including Android phones and tablets, and Google TV.

youtube video rental How Do You Rent Your Films?

YouTube Movies - Will you be using it?

Older films cost £2.49 to rent in standard definition from YouTube Movies, and new films cost £3.49, as do older films in HD. With around 1,000 films to choose from, and even a few freebies, the selection is likely to be as good as most other services that we’re already using, but it is more costly than LoveFilm for new releases.

Like iTunes, you have around a month to watch a movie after renting it, but your rental ends after 48 hours of pressing play.

YouTube movies will be competing with a lot of other video rental services, many of which
are already up and running on home TVs. We have an Apple TV at home which allows us
to instantly stream movies via the iTunes store, although it can be expensive, and the Apple TV unit itself costs just under £100. However, lots of other devices are available for games consoles and digital TV receivers.

One extra feature YouTube offer are the additional ‘DVD extras’ such as deleted scenes,
bloopers and interviews. Would that be enough to get you to switch? Can you watch YouTube on your TV? If you can, will you be using YouTube Movies?