Apple vs Samsung battle continues

by Dale Wright

The war between Samsung and Apple looks set to carry on for months. Today, news reports say Samsung have filed several more lawsuits to try and get the brand new iPhone 4S banned in certain countries.

Samsung say that the iPhone 4S uses 3G technology which they patented for their own smartphone range. Apple say that they have already paid to licence the technology from someone else.

Both companies have been vying to steal market share in the lucrative tablet and smartphone market in recent months, with Apple successfully suing Samsung for theft of their designs and ideas. This caused the Samsung Galaxy tablet PC to be banned in Australia and Germany.

Apple claim that the Galaxy 10.1 looks too similar to the iPad 2, and the way that users interact with the touch screen (for example, to unlock, zoom in and out and scroll around the page) has been directly copied from iOS.

Samsung have counter-sued for trademark infringement in France and Italy. They are now extending their legal action to try to prevent the sale of the iPhone 4S in Japan and Australia.

Experts believe that a total ban on the iPhone 4S is unlikely. Florian Mueller, a blogger who specialises in patent law, told the BBC that if Apple lose, they will probably be required to pay royalties, but the sale of the iPhone 4 will go ahead.

In total, Apple and Samsung have more than 20 different patent disputes going on. The courts’ decisions could mean that Apple and Samsung products are temporarily removed from sale in 10 countries.

Have you tried the Samsung Tab and the iPad 2? Would you be annoyed if you couldn’t buy the smartphone you wanted because of the legal battles between Apple and Samsung?