Facebook due to announce more huge changes

by Dale Wright

Are you fed up of maintaining lots of different social networking pages? Most of us may have moved on from Myspace, but we’re still having to choose where to share those amazing links and chat with friends – Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or somewhere else entirely. How do you choose?

If you logged on to Facebook yesterday, you may have noticed that you can now subscribeto your friendsposts in a similar way to ‘following’ people on Twitter. The latest change to the Facebook layout and features comes only a few weeks after Google+ style privacy controls were introduced. The Facebook privacy settings had long been criticised for being overly complicated, but within weeks of Google+ launching, their whole approach changed. It seems like Facebook is now taking the competition from its rivals more seriously and trying to emulate the best features of other social networks before users have a chance to adopt them.

In another unusual move, Facebook is planning to make it easy to connect your account with Twitter. Responses to this are mixed: some people think this will make it easier to share online, but Facebook no doubt hope that people will get bored of seeing the same data in two places and will choose to check Twitter less and less.

Last week, Twitter announced a new analytics feature for businesses too, so we could see more and more companies taking Twitter seriously and using it to promote products.

At its annual conference this week, Facebook is expected to announce a massive site makeover that will enable a whole host of new features – and, finally, that long-awaited iPad app. Maybe we’ll also be treated to a Facebook app for BlackBerry and iPhone that works.

When all’s said and done though, perhaps Facebook didn’t need to be too concerned about privacy settings, or Google+ as a whole. Forbes already have Google+ marked as a failure – just like Buzz and Wave.

Which social network do you prefer to use when you share the best of the web: Facebook, Twitter or Google+?