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The Snugg Stylus Range

Touchscreen devices are great for accessing information quickly or for typing, but they can cause your display to quickly become covered with messy fingerprints.

Banish the smudges with a range of stylus pens from The Snugg, available in a variety of colours. Compatible with a wide selection of devices, our stylus pens also double up as ink pens, perfect for jotting down notes.

  • Roller ball pen with black ink and contained in a Red stylus.
  • Suits tablets and smartphones with touch screens.
  • Attach the pen to the headphone port via the jack attachment.
  • Minimized risk of scratches thanks to the rubber capped nib.

Available Colours

  • Black stylus and black, roller ball ink pen, in one from Snugg.
  • Performs touch screen functions on tablets and smartphones.
  • Rubber end prevents scratches on the screen.
  • Stores via the headphone jack attachment.

Available Colours

  • Made to measure stylus pen refills
  • Handy 3-pack to ensure you never run out
  • Smooth roller ball action with quality black ink
  • Affordable way to keep your stylus pen in great shape

Available Colours

  • Silver stylus from Snugg combined with black ink roller ball pen.
  • Device‚Äôs headphone port is used to attach the stylus.
  • Use with any touch screen smartphone or tablet.
  • Stylus tip is a super soft rubber material.

Available Colours