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Cases for iPad 4 Devices

Cases for iPad 4 Devices
  • 2 premium screen protectors.
  • Shaped especially to fit the iPad 4.
  • Resistant to bacteria and may prevent the spread of germs.
  • Supplied with a cloth and card for a smooth finish.

Available Colours

  • Pack of 2 affordable screen protectors.
  • The perfect fit for your iPad 4 Retina screen.
  • Removes risk of a scratched display.
  • High transparency, super-strong protection.

Available Colours

  • Stylish white silicone with shock absorbing squared finish.
  • Red Snugg logo on the reverse.
  • Complete wrap-around protection for your iPad 4.
  • Designed with cut outs for a perfectly Snugg fit.

Available Colours