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Our iPad 3 Case Range

You’re the proud owner of an iPad 3, but you don’t want it to get damaged and ruin its pristine look. Simple – pick up an iPad 3 cover from The Snugg and satisfy any worries about your tablet’s safety!

It’s easy for your iPad 3 to become damaged or scratched, but it can also be easy to keep it protected, as well as giving it a stylish look. Browse our range of iPad 3 cases below.

  • Anti-bacterial protection for your iPad 3 screen.
  • Protection against temporary fingerprint marks.
  • Shields against scratches and scrapes.
  • Affordable pack of 2 plus smoothing card and cloth.

Available Colours

  • Economical pack of 2 screen protectors.
  • Ideal fit for the iPad 3 tablet.
  • Great visibility.
  • Stops the screen from picking up surface scratches.

Available Colours