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iPhone 5s Covers and Pouches

The iPhone 5s is the new high-end smartphone from Apple, and its owners will definitely want to keep it looking sleek and unscathed.

That’s why we at The Snugg have created a range of protective iPhone 5s cases, designed to ensure that your expensive smartphone will remain free from damage. Our sleeves and covers come in a wide variety of colours and styles, so you’re sure to find the cover you want.

  • Protect the delicate screen on your iPhone 5S.
  • Pick up this affordable 2-pack of screen protectors.
  • Cut down on unsightly smudges when you use your phone.
  • Apply in seconds and remove in a flash.

Available Colours

  • Anti-bacterial screen protectors for your iPhone 5S.
  • Prevents permanent scratches and unsightly finger marks.
  • Pack of 2 so you’ll always have one spare.
  • Supplied with a cloth and smoothing card.

Available Colours